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4 Steps To Keep Fresh Roses

roses used in weddings alotRoses are the type of flowers you see almost everywhere. Weddings, birthday’s, anniversaries and even funerals. One of the many great things about roses is their strong stems. This makes them a good cut. Put them in water and they can last up to 7 days. They don’t need a lot of special treatment like other flowers do. Because of this, they have the ability to stay fresher longer. If you are into fresh cut roses here are a few tips to help you properly care for them.

Use A Sharp Knife To Make Cuts

Whenever you cut roses use a sharp knife. You can also use a pair of pruners if you have some. When you make cuts using a sharp object the bush will do its job and send out another flowering cane. Always cut first thing in the morning and cut above a pair of five leaved stems. The reason you want to cut first thing in the morning is that is when the roses are their freshest.

It is also when they have the most moisture. Only cut buds that are partially open or roses that have fully opened up. If a bud is still tight but shows a little color there is a 50/50 chance it will open when cut. Always carry a bucket of water with you will cutting roses. This way you can immediately place them in the water after you have cut them.


Prepare The Roses The Right Way

Proper preparation makes all the difference when it comes to caring for roses. Any leaves that will be below the water line when in the vase should be removed. You should also get rid of any torn leaves or leaves that are diseased. Creased or damaged petals should be taken off the rose. Tight buds should be removed as well. They take up a lot of water and energy and chances are they won’t open. That’s why it’s just best to go ahead and remove them.buds of roses

Condition The Roses

It doesn’t matter where you cut the roses from, it is always beneficial to condition them. The stems should be cut at a 45-degree angle. This will allow the stem to get more water as the surface will broaden. If at all possible cut the stem under running water. This prevents air from getting in the stem. You can also do this in a sink full of water. You can do this with either a sharp knife, pruners or scissors.

Make sure you don’t crush the stem with the cut. After you have cut the rose put it in a bucket of ice water. Let it sit for 60 minutes. The ice water should be right at the level of the first leaves. If you will be using the rose stem for an arrangement make sure your cuts are very sharp. Don’t remove the roses from the water until you are ready to arrange them.

Maintain The Roses

This stage is known as maintenance. Every day the roses should be removed from the vase. Pour out the old water and fill the vase with fresh water. Rinse off the stems and replace the roses. If you notice a rose is wilting cut the stem off and put it in hot water. Make sure the water is very hot. What you are trying to do is shock the rose back to life. Sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn’t.water for roses

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Take the advice above and help your roses give you a long display. You pay good money for roses, so let’s get the most value we can!